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Alyssa Boston Takes a Stance on Cannabis Packaging

Alyssa Boston is many things: a former Miss Universe Canada; a marketer at TREC Brands; and most recently the host of the 2021 KIND Winter Fair that took place at Rebel this week. If you were at the event, you likely saw her walking around talking to budtenders and brands, and handing out awards. If you looked closer, you’d also have noticed that she was wearing a paper dress with Health Canada packaging printed on it, a statement piece that highlights some of the challenges our industry faces when it comes to packaging. 

Marketing and promotional regulations in the cannabis industry are not fun to navigate; giant government warning labels and restrictions on what can and can’t be said means brands can’t communicate their value proposition in a meaningful way that builds emotional connections with consumers. The real issue with these restrictions is that it perpetuates a negative stigma around cannabis. More restrictions means more mystery, and a lack of widespread education perpetuates stigma around what was once an illicit industry. 

The second challenge the paper dress highlights is the amount of packaging waste that exists in the cannabis industry. An estimated 10,000 tons of packaging was generated in the first year of legalization alone. Air tight, easy-to-ship, child-resistant packaging that keeps your weed fresh currently looks like plastic pouches, plastic containers, and plastic doob tubes. While brands and licensed producers understand the need to move towards more sustainable packaging solutions, the shift has been slow. TREC Brands – which includes WINK, Blissed, and Thumbs Up Brand – have always stood by its values to do good. And while change takes time, these brands donate 10% of profits to a variety of causes including Plastic Bank, homelessness/social services, gender equality, and Cannabis Amnesty. 

Alyssa Boston first made history by wearing a cannabis-inspired costume at the 2019 Miss Universe pageant, using her platform to depict cannabis legalization on an international stage. Despite the controversy and stigma, she chose to use her platform to bring attention to cannabis legalization. Now, through her work with TREC Brands, she hopes to continue educating, raising awareness, and promoting the benefits of cannabis so Canadians can base their opinions of the plant on science and education.

Cannabis, 10% for good, ActivismNaderDecember 16, 2021TREC Brands

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