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Does Mango Get You Higher?

The science

Kate Ryan, a content strategist at Weedmaps, dove into how it works, and it may not be all that surprising to anybody familiar with terpenes. She explained that mangos and cannabis both contain myrcene, a common terpene known for its peppery, hoppy scent and flavor. While myrcene on its own will not get you high, elevated levels of myrcene are often associated with the experience of fast-acting and powerful highs.

Of course, cannabis isn’t the only thing that packs myrcene. Myrcene is also found in lemongrass, bay leaves, hops, eucalyptus and — you guessed it — mangoes. Additionally, myrcene has been linked to enhanced transdermal absorption, potentially opening up another avenue for greater cannabinoid uptake.

Cannabis strains that contain high levels of myrcene may have a reputation for producing greater than average relaxation, or even a sedative effect, but scientific evidence has not yet supported these claims.

The sweetest drop

Now, say hello to one of our latest drops, Craft Mango Sapphire – a beautiful cross between Bubba’s Gift and OG Kush x Afghan X. Myrcene is one of the top 5 terpenes found in Mango Sapphire, coming in at 0.184%.

It’s a true craft strain. Indoor-grown, hang-dried, and hand-trimmed, all in a high-tech facility in Quebec. This California-bred strain is an incredibly dense bud, boasting vibrant orange pistils and fragrant aromas that range from earthy to sweet. And the flavour? You guessed it: fruity, citrus notes of mango and coconut. The real question is, how does it pair with mango? If you try it, let us know 😉

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