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How to Keep Costs Down and Quality Up

1. Audit Your Energy Usage and Make Improvements

To reduce the energy costs associated with producing quality cannabis, it’s important to get familiar with how much energy you’re using, then make a plan to reduce it.  

Fortunately, energy-efficient alternatives are out there—and some of them are as simple as opting for LED bulbs. If you’re ready for an off-grid journey, be sure to have climate controlled greenhouses, remote monitoring, and lots of solar panels! And get ready for virtually no overhead costs. 

2. Be Smart When it Comes to Scaling

Between the use of genetics suitable for your microclimate, automated Smart Farming technology, integrated pest management, and a well-planned schedule, you can scale and maintain quality. 

By prioritizing these, you’ll free-up time for other tasks, mitigate pest risks, and ensure that you’re growing the right genetics at the right time.  

3. Use Cannabis Canopy Management Best Practices

Practicing proper cannabis canopy management can contribute to both cost efficiencies and better quality cannabis. By giving canopy growth the attention it deserves, you can prevent buds from falling over, reduce the risk of mold, and mitigate pest infestations—and curb all of the financial losses caused by these types of damage. 

Not only that, but optimizing for an even canopy with adequate light and airflow will support the growth of healthy colas and a quality harvest. 

4. Be Aware of Batch Rejections—and Learn to Avoid Them

They’re disappointing and expensive, but fortunately, batch rejections can be avoided! 

It all starts with trimming. A poor trim job could result in loose, inconsistent buds and the presence of leaves. This brings down the quality, and makes the smoking experience much harsher and more diluted. This may be one of the first signs of low quality for a buyer, so be sure to have a well-trained trimming team. 

Then, remember proper sorting. While it may seem time intensive, ensuring each batch has enough tops and minimal smalls can save time and money in the long run. This will also help you identify any mildew or mold with spores that could spread and contaminate the entire batch. And of course, an impeccably sorted batch will be free of one of the biggest turn-offs for buyers: seeds.

5. Join a Co-Op

Agricultural co-ops and the craft beer industry have set the stage for many cannabis co-ops to emerge. Joining or forming your own cannabis cooperative has many benefits: pooled resources, increased cultivation area, help with cannabis compliance, and production at the “standard” inventory amount—all without compromising quality. 

But perhaps more importantly, a co-op provides a perfect avenue for building a tribe and connecting with like-minded folks. And if there’s one key thing that can help to keep costs down and quality up, it’s a happy farmer. 

Practicing all of these business innovations and feeling supported as a Hive Mendocino co-op member means that Giving Tree Farms is able to provide quality cannabis at the lowest price possible, all with you in mind. Sign up for a Wholesale Account today to experience this for yourself.

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