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How to Roll a Honey Blunt

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, many of us find ourselves searching for ways to relax and unwind. For some, that could mean curling up with a good book or movie, and for others, it means smoking a tasty blunt. There are endless methods of how to enjoy a blunt, but one of the most popular ways is to roll a honey blunt. If you’re looking to add some sweetness to your smoking experience, a honey blunt is the way to go. 

Even Winnie the Pooh is sure to be jealous of this honey-glazed blunt. 

Rolling Tray: Organization is key. Having a dedicated tray for all your cannabis and accessories is crucial. Things could get very messy, especially with honey, so make sure your tray is clean to begin with. 

Grinder: A well-ground herb is essential for a successful blunt. We recommend using a good quality grinder as this will make your herb taste and smell stronger by preserving the trichomes. 

Flower: You’ll want to use a special herb for this blunt to make that honey flavour really shine. Try using a terpene-rich strain to enhance the experience even more. 

Blunt Wraps: There are extensive options when it comes to blunt wraps. For that extra level of sweetness, try using honey-flavoured wraps. 

Honey: It is called a honey blunt after all. Grab your preferred honey or try some CBD-infused honey for a unique experience. 

Step 1: Make a filter (optional)

While a filter isn’t necessary, it’s completely up to you if you’d like to include one. 

Step 2: Add the herb

When you are ready to add your herb, make sure your wrap is open but curved so the contents don’t fall out. Have enough cannabis to fill your blunt with some left over.  

Step 3: Roll and seal

It’s time to roll the blunt into shape, lick it and stick it. If you are using a cigar that doesn’t have an adhesive strip, you can also use a very small amount of honey to seal the blunt.

Step 4: HONEY

Once the blunt is rolled, grab some honey and spread a thin layer on the outside, leaving space at the smoking end for your fingers to hold the blunt and avoid getting sticky. Generally you don’t want honey in the area with a filter in it since it won’t be smoked anyway. 

Step 5: Coating

Take your remaining ground up bud and spread it out on a smooth flat surface. Roll your sticky blunt in the herb until it has a thick coating. For even better results, use kief, finely ground shatter or dry hash to take the potency of your honey blunt to the next level. 

Step 6: Spark and enjoy!

It’s typically best to wait a few minutes or however long it takes for the blunt to dry and cure a little, but if you are really eager to get smoking, sparking up right away is usually fine. If you want to get crazy and add even more layers, you can drizzle fine lines of honey over the coating and sprinkle more kief on top. 

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