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Living the Cannabis Lifestyle: the First Four Things to Know

When cannabis was legalized in Canada, more people began consuming it. And obviously, as our country continues learning to embrace the plant and all its benefits, we are seeing that cannabis culture is about more than just big business.

At this point, for many users, it could also be called a lifestyle.

Here are four things to know about living that cannabis lifestyle.

Cannabis is not just for “getting high.” In fact, many people use it for self-care and wellness. And if you’re new to cannabis, you can find a cannabis-derived alternative for almost anything in the world. If you live the cannabis lifestyle, chances are you seek them out.

Flower? It’s what everyone automatically associates with cannabis, but in reality, it’s just another pot product on the increasingly diverse legal market. From edibles and drinkables, to skincare solutions, to hemp protein powders, to a helluva lot more, there are endless cannabis offerings available today. There are even cannabis animal treats.

This article is about your lifestyle, not the lifestyle of your pet. Sure. But your lifestyle is your pet’s lifestyle, so we are sticking this in. CBD and other forms of cannabis are proving to be incredibly beneficial to the well-being of animals. For one, cannabis supports homeostasis, which is a state of balance and self-healing. It can also be a potent painkiller and an effective stress reliever.

The thing about weed is that there is something for everyone. You just need to know what you’re looking for. Want to watch movies on your couch, while munching on chips? Try an indica strain. The full-body high will give you that sorta lazy, very melt-into-the-covers feeling, which is often needed after a long day of work. For those looking to boost their energy and confidence? You are going to want something from the sativa family. Strains in this family tend to enhance focus, too.


This article was contributed by Chris Metler

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