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What Makes Giving Tree Farms Unique?

Associated with “hippies” and “tree-huggers,” the cannabis industry has a reputation for being green. With the commercialization of cannabis, however, things have started to move in a different direction. While “sustainable cannabis” doesn’t always actually mean sustainable (er, hello greenwashing), we do things a little differently at Giving Tree Farms to ensure that ours truly is. Here’s how we stand out from the crowd in the clean cannabis world. 

Sustainability is Our Passion

Not only do we adhere to common industry standards, but we’ve also created our own. We utilize clean inputs, cutting edge protocols, and close monitoring to optimize our greenhouse methods. Controlling for everything—humidity, temperature, light—allows us to find that perfect balance between resource efficiency and unparalleled quality.

We use pots and reuse and rebuild soil to keep it in use longer and minimize our reliance on single-use plastic products. Through Sonoma Clean Power, we’ve been operating on renewable energy for more than five years. In 2021, we started our off-grid journey by installing solar panels for our water distribution system. 

If you’ve ever taken a peep at our Instagram, you don’t have to scroll too far to see our weed-control machine (read: goats) or sustainability tips. Love for our plants and the planet that they grow on makes it into everything we do. 

When we’re not giving back to our shared home, we’re giving back to our local and international community. We’re honored to be a member of Hive Mendocino, a craft cannabis co-op. When we’re not on the farm, we’re likely at the Anderson Valley Food Bank, where we donate our time and 1% of our profits. Then there’s Orange Hill OG—a cultivar we designed to support a primary school in the Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica by donating 5% of its profits. 

We’re Simply Clean Certified—and So Much More

Because of all of this and more, Giving Tree Farms is Simply Clean Certified, indicating that we go beyond organic cultivation to meet some of the highest, most holistic standards. 

Taking an ecosystem approach, Simply Green Certified—by the non-profit The Cannabis Conservancy—considers seven pillars of sustainable cultivation:

Policy & Implementation

Land & Infrastructure

Cultivation Practices

Harvesting & Processing 




The logo provides assurance for our buyers that what they’re purchasing is sustainable and clean—from seed to store. It also lets us know that we’re doing our part to protect the environment. 

Whether you’re a brand, distributor, or processor, creating a wholesale account and partner with Giving Tree Farms or HIve Mendocino can make your company unique. It’ll give your company a cutting edge, and help our planet in the process. 

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